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Keynote / Motivational Speaking & Presentations

Adèle recently agreed to be our keynote speaker for a networking night with our supporters and the young women we work with (aged 17-20).  She was an absolute pleasure to work with and made the preparation and lead-up effortless.  From the minute she arrived on the evening, she jumped right in speaking with our young people, networking, and sharing her stories.  Her speech was inspiring yet practical and informative, as she shared her own experiences and advice to help guide the women their in their own journeys. She fielded questions from the audience with ease and candor.  One of our supporters wrote in her feedback form, ”Adèle is such a brilliant speaker! Amazing for both mentors [adult young] and mentees [young women]!’  We were thrilled to have Adèle as our speaker and highly recommend her!’

Langley King – The Girls’ Network (June 2017)

I interviewed Adèle on the subject of ‘The Power of Vulnerability to Win More Business (and Friends)’ for my online summit interview series.

Adèle was a wonderful interviewee; it was honestly one of my favourites!  Adèle was authentic, honest, powerful but also showed her vulnerability and she certainly brought that out in me; I felt so comfortable with her that I shared some quite personal feelings about my ‘story’ that I know deeply connected with the audience as I have gained amazing feedback on the interview from fans and members of my tribe, old and new.

In a nutshell, Adèle was such a pleasure to interview, she is inspiring, fun and uplifting and has a powerful, important message to share.  I couldn’t recommend her enough and felt such a connection with her we have become friends as a result of our interview together!

Elizabeth Mary Hancock – Your Guide and Mentor on your journey to Emotional & Financial Freedom (December 2016)

I was fortunate to line up an interview with Adèle McLay for my Industry Angel Podcast.  I had been aware of Adèle through the work she has completed assisting businesses to streamline their processes, achieve growth and ensuring the staff culture is a great place to call work.  Adèle is without doubt one of the humblest business speakers I know, such confidence and knowledge backed with an approachable manner.  Episode feedback was extremely pleasing, one regular listener described this episode as “the best by a country mile.”  I look forward to speaking with Adèle again to share her knowledge in further areas.

Ian Farrar – Host, Industry Angel Podcast (October 2016)

“Adèle recently agreed to be a speaker for the Careers With Purpose Summit, an event for purpose-led leaders/professionals and entrepreneurs.  Her expertise in personal branding and her natural inclination to want to make a lasting, positive impact meant that having her as an expert summit contributor was a no-brainer.  The session she provided was a powerful and uplifting account that received a number of positive messages from event attendees.  I’m proud to have had Adèle as a speaker among the other world leading experts and Thought Leaders and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!”

Alex Campbell-Wilson – Founder, Careers With Purpose Summit (October 2016)

“I first saw Adèle McLay speaking in New Zealand over 20 years ago.

She is a brilliant speaker.  The audience was completely engaged, motivated and inspired by the event.

Since then I have followed Adèle’s business journey as she successfully moved her entrepreneurial business leadership to the international stage.  At the same time, Adèle’s personal story is compelling.  She has succeeded in the face of significant adversity.

Let Adèle tell your management teams her story.  It is a great story that connects and makes relevant many personal and business issues.  I am sure you and your teams will be referring back to the lessons from her story several weeks after the event.”

Jackie Callaway – Senior Finance Professional (July 2016)

I had the pleasure working with Adèle as a guest speaker in her Business Networking Online Summit. She is easy to work with, humble, trustworthy and thoughtful. The summit was well organized and reflected her professionalism. From talking with Adèle and getting to know her in the process, I was also impressed by her success and dreams as a business mentor. If you want to build your business to the next level, I would recommend working with Adèle. She’ll build a safe environment, care about you and hold you accountable.

Cynthia Zhai – Voice Coach, Speaker, Author

I have recently gotten to know Adèle after participating in the Global Business Networking Summit she hosted.  She is not only successful professionally and has consulted and coached C-Suite execs, Adèle has a remarkable personal and business story.  She shares her story in a heartfelt, inspiring and connected way when speaking to those fortunate to be in her audience.  I know Adèle continues to be an inspiration on the many stages around the world.

Susan RoAne – Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author – How To Work A  Room® (which has sold over 1m copies)

Having had the opportunity to be a guest on an online event that Adèle held, I can say firsthand just how amazing and professional she is!  Not only was there an obviously tremendous amount of work on her part to put this together, she did it with excellence, class and extreme high quality.  Adèle and her team were easy to work with, and everything they did was about providing exceptional value to everyone involved in the process!  I have no doubt that her virtual audience received much, much more in value than they could ever have imagined.  Really, I was totally impressed and I give Adèle my highest recommendation to anyone considering doing business with her.  You’ll be glad you did!

Bob Burg – International Bestselling Co-author of “The Go-Giver” , Keynote Speaker, Corporate Speaking, Referral-Based Selling

Adèle invited me to speak on her Business Networking Summit recently and I must say that she was a pleasure to work with – she is not only an expert interviewer pulling out all the golden nuggets and engaging with her interviewees, but also she has a wealth of high level contacts which was demonstrated in her speaker roster of over 42 leading networking experts from all over the globe.  The event was a huge success and has opened many new doors for me personally.  Adèle is extremely knowledgeable about business which is demonstrated in her interview technique; she is a giver and doesn’t stop giving, and is an expert in her field.

Amanda Ruiz – The Ultimate Door Opener, Trainer to Experts on How to Get into the Press, Cherie Blair Foundation Mentor

I had the honor of being asked to be a guest on Adèle’s unique and remarkable webinar business summit recently.  The summit itself had over 35 guests as part of a week-long virtual summit covering a variety of topics pertinent to all of us.  But that’s not what I’m writing about, as great as that was.  Instead, I am just wanting to give an acknowledgement of Adèle’s preparation, purposefulness, professionalism and personality.  If there was a Michelin 5-star rating that few ever achieve Adèle would be one of them, across the board!  I’ve been a guest on many podcasts and although most were really delightful with the hosts, Adèle stands out amongst them and sets a higher standard than most that you can expect from her.

Mike Muhney – CEO & Co-Founder VIPorbit Software & Vipor (also Co-Founder and Co-Inventor of ACT!)

Adèle gave a presentation to 60 of our members representing a wide range of businesses across Berkshire, England. It was pitched at the right level for the mix of businesses we had in the room, and there was a good question and answer session at the end. The feedback we had was very positive, and Adèle’s message on how to increase profits was very clear. The topics covered were easy to implement, and the workshop combined the right amount of theory with how to practically apply what had been covered. Thanks Adèle.

Nick Forgham, Executive Director, BNI Berkshire, England

Adèle is a great presenter and very interesting. Great business tips.

Alice Walker

Adèle McLay gave a well-received presentation to London based chartered accountants in May 2014. The majority of attendees gave Adèle top ratings with most saying she was very good to excellent. Adèle is a talented presenter, her passion and professionalism make her presentations interesting and informative.

Elizabeth Welch, London Manager, NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants

Thanks for a wonderful training session, Adèle.

Isabelle Parasram, Managing Partner – Greycoat Law

I do not own a business but found it very interesting and Adèle’s training made me think about how I can be more proactive in my role in getting satisfaction out of it and being more interesting to me.


Adèle and her course material were very impressive. There is certainly a lot to be learnt.

Grant Withers

Inspiring! Adèle’s training made me realise so much about my own mindset.

Sandra Eke

Business Coaching & Mentoring

We have known Adèle for over a year now and are so grateful to have met her.  She has helped motivate us through some very difficult areas of our life, providing practical steps and advice on how to work through the issues, and confidence building tips enabling us to improve our relationships with other people.  These have had a direct influence on our relationships with both our family and work colleagues, and we have found the skills applicable to many areas of our life.  She is a warm, caring person, and very professional in her manner and support.  We always feel so much better about our areas of worry and concern after spending time with her and benefiting from her wealth of knowledge.

Nigel & Ozlem

Adèle McLay is a savvy and ambitious entrepreneur.  I was fortunate to be a guest on her successful Networking Business Summit.  She did an amazing job creating, planning and executing such a huge event with over 40 experts.  Kudos to Adèle for spearheading this event which spread valuable information to the world.

Gail Miller – Award Winning CEO, Chief Staffing Strategist and Career Coach – Helping Companies and Job Seekers Achieve Their Goals

Earlier this year I worked with Adèle McLay to re-focus my business. I now have a strong vision and business plan that I am working towards achieving. Adèle also developed a broad based marketing plan for me to ensure I hit my business goals over the coming couple of years. Plus, I am now a lot more structured in the way in which I run my business, manage my time, and engage my staff.

Most importantly, Adèle worked with me and my own mindset. I don’t know how she does it, but she changed my perspective on business and life. I now feel I can achieve all my business and life goals. I have a new energy and excitement about life and my business.

Adèle McLay is a different kind of business coach. Not only does she have a huge business background (including being an entrepreneur herself) and loads of experience that she applies to her clients, she has an incredible ability to help her clients become mega performing in their businesses and lives. I believe she changes lives; certainly she changed mine. I highly recommend Adèle to business owners and entrepreneurs around the world.

Shakeel Sadiq, Managing Director, Exantia Limited

Adèle and I worked on her recent business summit where I was one of the speakers.  Throughout the set-up, during the event, and afterwards, Adèle and her team acted with utmost respect and integrity, in order to deliver a spectacular result.  She is professional, detail oriented, has a clear vision and passion for her work.  She makes it easy for those she interacts with to deliver at their very best.

William Buist – Working with professionals to unlock sustainable profits and avoid costly mistakes, Founder xTEN Club

Adèle has assembled a stunning array of luminaries of the business world, interviewed them like a true professional, and created a unique experience for the inquisitive and discerning business owner looking to get an edge.  Well done, Adèle!

Paul J Castle – The UK’s Business Money Expert

Adèle was a mentor at the Migrant Business Accelerator and a judge at the Pitch Higher event at Google Campus.  Adèle challenged our migrant entrepreneurs, guided them and helped them to shift their mindset so they could be more confident entrepreneurs.  Adèle as a coach and mentor is brilliant.

Rafael dos Santos – Multi-award winning entrepreneur, author & TED speaker

I can highly recommend Adèle McLay as someone who knows how to get the best out of those she works with.  She is highly motivated and passionate about what she does.  She will challenge you to be accountable in order to achieve great things both professionally and personally.  It can be difficult to step back from your business to see what stands in the way of progress.  Working with Adèle will give you clarity on what needs to be done to be successful.

Lorraine Windsor – Social Media Trainer, Social Media Manager helping small businesses achieve a credible & consistent online presence

The person who can help you drive your business forward is not always the person closest to it.  You need someone outside of your business who can see where processes can be simplified, time can be saved and more profits can be made.  That person is Adèle McLay.  Adèle is driven, energetic, enthusiastic and attentive, and she cares about your business success as much as you do and really wants you to have the life you’ve always dreamed of.  Give her a call today!

Nicolette Ford – Social Media Management, Content Writing, Helping Small Businesses Create a Credible and Consistent Online Presence

As a small business owner, knowing someone like Adèle McLay is a fantastic benefit to me.  I’ve had many questions recently about cash flow issues and how best to approach my clients on certain matters, and her advice has always been invaluable.  She has a wealth of experience on running and managing businesses of all sizes and has always been very honest and direct with her suggestions.  As a small business owner, I wish I’d known her since the day I started my business!!

Ricardo Da Corte – “The Prince of Printing”, Printing, Marketing, Branding, Design, Croydon’s Favourite Printers – QUALITY PRINTING

I joined the Business Networking Online Summit that Adèle McLay hosted recently.  What a mine of information it proved to be.  Adèle managed to have interviews with so many fantastic speakers on the subject of networking.  So much inspirational material to take in, lots of common sense advice and plenty of tools to start using straight away.  I’m looking forward to reading Adèle’s next book.  I am sure it will be full of more great ideas.

Peter Schneiter – Recording history, through private & commercial photography, providing clear images of your product or service

Adèle McLay is one of the best and most experienced contributors on I have ever met in my life and one of the smartest professionals I have ever worked with.

Samuel Adesanya – Entrepreneur, Business Intelligence Consultant, Domainer

Adèle McLay is more than a Business Growth Coach. She changes lives!! Adèle has +20 years’ experience as a Business Coach and Business Consultant – she has all the frameworks/strategies in her toolbox to support business owners and entrepreneurs to achieve success within their businesses across the areas of Leadership, Branding, Marketing, Sales, Finance, People, Operations – she is an end to end Business Growth Coach. Plus, she as an entrepreneur herself, so she knows firsthand what it takes to be successful in business.

But…. she has more. As a High Performance Coach, Adèle transforms the way in which Business Owners and Entrepreneurs see the world, their business and life vision, and then she works her ‘magic’, empowering them to achieve everything they want in business in life. Very few Business Coaches have this ability in my experience, which is why I highly recommend Adèle to you if you want to experience major success and transformation in your mindset, life and business.

On a personal note, I am really excited about partnering with Adèle in a major business initiative that will enable us to support entrepreneurship success in various countries around the world. More will be “revealed” later in 2015.

Dr Jane Cox, Managing Director – 180180 Limited t/a NewLevels

I have recently started working with Adèle on strategies to revitalise my business and my life. The great thing about Adèle is that she is so insightful and able to pinpoint the areas which need change. She is supportive and yet challenges me just where I need challenging – she’s definitely an agitator!

Within a very short time of our first meeting, I have a number of ways forward, and have set some stretch goals which I know will get me where I want to be.

It’s early days yet, but I plan to be back here in due course, commenting on the success I have been able to achieve, thanks to her verve, insight and practical, commonsense suggestions.

Paddy Austin – Managing Partner, FGI UK

Adèle has been my business growth coach only since the new year, but she’s already had an impact on my business.

She’s boosted my productivity by helping me shape my daily routine in a way that reflects my priorities and energy levels. This has helped me make a large dent in a major project (a book on persuasive writing). She is also helping me to segment my clients and develop the ones with the greatest potential.

Adèle’s coaching offers a rare mix of hard business expertise and a softer, more intuitive approach. Our conversations can range from calculating the gross profit margin of key clients to my core values and limiting beliefs. I also recommend her book, ‘Big Profits, 12 Strategies to Substantially Grow your Business’.

I look forward to continuing to work with Adèle.

Scott Keyser – Communications Expert/Consultant

Adèle is an inspiration to me. She is constantly giving more of her knowledge and experience to help me succeed in business.

Chris Hill – Founder,

Adèle’s teachings have changed my business: I increased my profit by 15% so far this year alone as a result.

Neville Miller – Miller’s Maintenance Ltd

Adèle is energetic, enthusiastic and passionate about small business success. Her coaching programme is excellent and she is available afterwards to continue helping our success.

Sue O’Connor – Susan O’Connor Interiors

– ‘Big Profits’

As a business start-up, I want to leverage what I learned in my past office lives, and apply those business tools to my new venture. If like me you cannot afford to trade for many years without making a profit, read this book. Adèle McLay applies business equations for small businesses. It makes perfect sense, but sometimes you need a holding hand and focus to get it right for you.

The highlight for me, given my business model as a massage therapist and wellbeing coach, is Chapter 5: Who Are Your Most Profitable Customers? The L⁴ Customer Profitability Quadrant is a must read for any business who values client relationships and is absolutely dependent on positive customer experience. If you have a tendency to over service, or your focus is on turnover and not on profit margins, this book will give you the tools to increase your profits by focusing on your clients. If you have a clear idea about who your ideal clients are, the L⁴ Customer Profitability Quadrant will help you shift more clients into the ideal clients category. If you do not yet know who your ideal clients are, even better. The book gives you the tools to work out which clients you should be focusing on. I read the book a couple of weeks ago, but go back to the sections that are most relevant to me on a near daily basis, to the extent that my copy opens up to page 102 “automatically” by now. If you buy this book, and you are ready to action the strategies that are relevant to your business, you will find that you will be looking it up again and again. It won’t be left on your shelf!


This is an invaluable tool for any small business. Whether recently established or with many years experience, Big Profits enables you to maximize the potential from your customers, identify your most profitable customers, and to make strategic decisions based on analysis rather than assumption. I am now able to focus my energies more effectively with a clear understanding of what I am doing, why I am doing it and where my business is heading.

Melanie Velo-Simpson

My mummy wrote this book and I am really proud of her. Her customers keep telling me that it is a really good book and it helps them in their business. I am not old enough to understand it but one day when I am older I will read it too.

Gemma Hayde (aged 11 years)

I read this book over a period of a month. This was because I was busy implementing the many useful pieces of information into my day to day business. The author manages to take several complicated ideas and accounting principles and break them down into easily digestible chunks. All of these principles can be implemented with minimal effort. I had previously attended many expensive courses that had not managed to impart this information so easily. If you are in business, whatever the size, you owe it to yourself to have this book on your bookshelf.

Anon (

I really enjoyed this book; it took me back to day one in business reminding me what I SHOULD be doing. Since reading this book I have been working on my business rather than in it, subsequently seeing positive results. It is a tool as you can use it as a reference book time after time whilst pushing your business on and profits up. I would recommend this book to people new to business and more experienced business owners. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose and profit to gain.

Sam Howes

Hi Adele, Just wanted to say I’m devouring your book!  It has so many insights on financial matters for business (my admitted weak point as a strong ‘creator’ profile).  Thank you.

Philippa Pedder (Home Business Builder and Mentor/ Coffee for You)

If making BIG Profits is anything you’re interested in, READ THIS BOOK. Well structured. Proven principles alongside unexpected inspiring ideas. As an entrepreneur I can only highly recommend it!

Alexander Hartmann

This is a great read for any small business owner. It’s full of great tools with practical strategies and tips which are easy to implement in your business. Adèle’s practical insight shows her passion for helping small businesses reach great success! I can’t wait to share with other business owners.

Shannon Lea Reynolds

Adèle’s book ‘Big Profits’ is an easy to read book, but is full of common sense and interesting ways of looking at increasing sales in your business. Adèle’s accounting and consulting background as well as her successful business career validate her wise words and I have already started to apply some of the techniques to my own interior design business and I look forward to using the book as one of my tools for managing my business and growing my profits in years to come.

Sue O’Connor

This is a superb book, full of pragmatic and sensible ideas. It is exceptionally easy to read, either chapter by chapter, or delving into individual chapters to explore a particular interest. There is extensive use of case studies, and individuals are profiled to give an indication of what can be achieved through commitment, drive, and belief. There is an undercurrent of enthusiasm and innovation in the book, which make it a compelling read. Just buy it, read it, and see for yourself.
Well done Adèle, great stuff!

Steve McLean

An excellent book. This is a very easy read, giving you a clear walk-through through the financial issues in your business you need to be aware of and on top of. It highlights in a very simple, lively and straightforward way the nuts and bolts of good financial management and what’s going to make the difference for you in terms of profits and long term growth. For any entrepreneur who needs to brush up on accountancy and money management, or simply fine-tune their financial skills, Adèle’s no-nonsense style makes it clear where you need to be headed to make your business a success.

Dr Laura Nelson

I read lots of personal development and business building books, so when I got the opportunity to read this book I was really enthusiastic. Whether you have just started your own business or you have an established business….this book is a great read, full of inspiration, motivation and ideas that will help you get the results you are looking for. It is easy to read, has some great tips and is a fantastic business tool. This book is a must read if you are serious about building your business.

Gail Davern

I was very slow to pick up the book but when I did get to it, I found myself compelled to read it. What’s great about this book is that I could flick to a section relevant to me at any time and learn something or refresh myself with something. This is a must read for all business owners big or small who just want something which is great to read, concise and easy to understand.


This book is worth every penny. The content is well written and ‘gets to the point’ in plain simple English. It is very easy to understand, and for me drives home the simple techniques which can be used in a SMALL BUSINESS to help with cash flow, understanding your customer base and other aspects of business which will make it a HUGE SUCCESS. All this, and at the same time achieving BIG PROFITS. I have struggled to control cash flow for a number of years but having read the book, I understand where it can be easily improved (and in fact has done within weeks). I would recommend this book to any business owner who wants to improve their business and therefore profits, even if you think you know it all.

M L Burgum

It does exactly as it says on the tin. As a small business owner, I love the fact that you do not have to read this book from cover to cover. You can dip in and out as you wish. It is full of great tips and information that will ensure Huge Success. A great buy.

Julia Northover

I thought I had read all the tips going but I was amazed at the wealth and variety of ‘golden nuggets’ Adèle has produced in her BIG Profits book! Clear and concise, it features useful worked examples and some amazing personal stories that make you want to ‘super boost’ your own business. Buy two copies – the one you lend to a business friend won’t come back!

Shabbir Halai

After finally picking up the book to read, I found I couldn’t put it down again. Here’s why. Unlike other business books that I have previously read, Adèle was good enough to go back to basics and start from there. Even to explain certain business terminologies. Since I am new to business, this was invaluable to me as I would always hear certain business terms without understanding their true meaning and what they could mean for me. Now I know the meanings, I know what to listen out for whilst talking with people and also where my attention should be in my own business. Adèle then proceeded to break things down into easy to swallow chunks allowing me to view my business in a different manner and more importantly, where to put my focus on in my business. With the help of examples, it was explained how to improve your business. My favourite chapter was the ‘cash flow’ chapter. Again showing me the difference between ‘Turnover’, ‘Profit’ and ‘Cashflow’, this really put things into perspective and I feel I am holding the wheel of my business with a more solid grip. I have gained more of an idea of the importance of cash flow and now I have a place to start to improve my own cash flow. With plans to start a second business in the future, I know this book will be a huge resource for me as it is like a map or instruction manual, in my opinion, for the newbies to business. Yes anyone can read and gain value from it, but for me as the newbie, a great big help. A very good read! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Maxmillian Maddy